Plappermäulchen's Rhythm

and Blues - "LENNON"

Multi Ch. Zaphira of Lovealoch

Multi Ch. Ratpack Rialto

Multi Ch. Ratpack to the Point

Miss Penny of Lovealoch

Ch. Real Kung Fu Panda Equus

Ch. Hazel of Lovealoch

Fips vom Watzehahn

Power Pearl von der Grenzsagemuhl

Multi Ch. Imbir Mysia Zaglada

Gopher Gloree with Pacolito

Zochic of Lovealoch

Stormy Whright's Arzurno

Multi Ch. Pan Pudzian Mysa Zaglade

Ch. Gracja Mysia Zaglada

Eyecatcher of Lovealoch

Covergirl of Lovealoch 

Multi Ch. Pacolito Chunky Monkey 

Yordana of Lovealoch 

Multi Ch. Giovanni of Lovealoch 

Copyright of Lovealoch 

Abigael of Lovealoch 

Ratpack Gouldy 

Baby Ritz by Pacolito 

Windynook Lord of the Rings 

Multi Ch. Cudweed's Prince Charming 

Zochic of Lovealoch 

Yscha of Lovealoch 

Ch. Encore of Lovealoch

Lady Luca From Byoux Home